The objective of ACCA Conference Bali 2019

1. The integration of spirituality into Christian counseling will add to the Christian counselor’s identity, values and efficacy of the Christian counseling approach.

2. The practice of spirituality in Christian counseling enhances the Christian counselor’s experience of God and helps develop Christlikeness in both the counselee and counselor.

3. Thus, the integration of spirituality into Christian counseling will contribute to our ultimate goal in life which extends beyond mere human wellness to knowing God, relating closely with Him and be Christlike in our characters.

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Good day, everyone! ?

Have a strong ego is an important aspect to equip a person to face his/her overwhelming unconsciousness during stressful situation in life. Strengthening your ego usually involves constructive and deconstructive aspects in the work of psyche.

Adelina Wei Kwan Wong JA, CST-T, MFT is a marriage and family therapist based in Hongkong since 1986 will use sandpictures of her client to illustrate how sandplay works, how strong ego could enable the client face liminal phase, and preventing the premature termination and frequent cancellation from clients.

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? December, 1st 2018 | 8 am – 5.30 pm
?PERHATI Counseling and Care Center

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by: dr. Leonardi A. Goenawan, Sp.KJ

Psychosis is a subtle disorder of brain development and plasticity. People with psychosis shows hallucinations, delusions, thought disorder, cognitive deficits. Psychosis affects the most basic of human processes of perception, emotion, and judgment (Ross, Margolis, Reading, Plentikov, & Coyle, 2006).
Join us in this seminar on how to identify and deal with Psychosis
? Thursday, October 19, 2017
⏰ 09.00 – 11.00 WIB
? Place: Klinik Perhati (Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya no 60, Penjaringan – North Jakarta)

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Perilaku anak yang terlihat adalah keaktifan dan kelucuan. Tanpa disadari, terdapat hal yang tidak terlihat pada anak yang akan menjadi bom waktu.
Seperti apa awareness yang perlu orang tua miliki untuk menyikapi arus bawah yang tidak terlihat pada anak?
Mari ikuti parenting talk BEWARE of UNDERCURRENT oleh Charlotte K Priatna M.A, M.Pd
?Sabtu, 27 Mei 2017
⏰Jam 09.00 – 12.00 WIB
?Tempat: Klinik Perhati (Jl Pluit Selatan Raya no 60, Penjaringan – Jakarta Utara)
?HTM: Rp 150.000
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